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Lee-Anne Kassel

Kasselot (Pty) Ltd., SOUTH AFRICA

A new maternity bra with patented technology.

It isn't easy to be stylish when you're the mother of a new baby. Lee-Anne Kassel discovered this first hand when her daughter, Cheyanne, was born and she decided to breastfeed. Unable to find a comfortable yet fashionable maternity bra that would prevent breast milk from leaking onto her clothes, she decided to create one instead.

Lee-Anne founded Kasselot (Pty) Ltd, a company devoted to maternity lingerie. Its signature product, the Evanesse breastfeeding bra, is an elegant, leak-proof bra that draws moisture away from the breast using patented evaporative technology.

Breastfeeding has been shown to offer significant long-term health benefits to mothers and children. Thanks to Lee-Anne's invention, women can continue to enjoy the advantages of breastfeeding with grace and style.

"The last thing working mothers want to worry about is leaking milk or unsightly breast pads", says Lee-Anne. "With the Evanesse bra, breastfeeding mothers can live their lives as usual while remaining attractive and feminine. That should make for happier mothers and healthier babies!"

Contact Details: lkassel@evanesse.co.uk Cell Number : 0027 71 441 3531


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